Lady Aeri (lady_aeri) wrote in pregnancy101,
Lady Aeri

Confused As Hell

My boyfriend and I had sex right around the time I was fertile and able to get pregnant. My period is always 3-4 days long but this month it started on the right day but it ended halfway through the day, then it started up again the next day for two hours and I haven't seen it again since.

So, basically my period lasted less than twenty-four hours AND it was way lighter than it normally is. That really worried me, my period has been really regular since I was fourteen and I'm nineteen now. I've taken two home pregnancy tests and one at the doctor's yesterday but all came out negative. I've got a form to go for a blood pregnancy test and will be doing that Saturday before I go to the States for two weeks (yay!) but I'm ready to pull my hair out.

I've been really nauseous lately and the past couple days I've been throwing up, I doubt this has anything to do with this but last night it looked like I had purple splotched on my legs, upper and lower. I also have light brown lines on my breasts, which have been slightly more tender than usual and have gotten bigger. (*le sigh* just what I need... bigger boobs, they're big enough as it is! Anyone want to trade? :P)

Help? Please?

Hopeful & Confused

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