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So, i'm 12 weeks along this Friday. It may be a little early to be thinking about such things, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm trying to find out if a birth doula is what I need. I'm going to have a hospital birth, most likely with an epidural, even if it's just a light/walking epi...I also would like someone to coach me with being a mommy, and breastfeeding, and possibly come home with me for about two weeks after the birth to just kinda help with breastfeeding and be a mommy coach. I'm not sure if what i'm looking for is a doula, because I thought they only were there during the birth. The only people that will be with me during the birth is my fiance, and possibly my mother. I won't have much other help at the birth, or at home for that matter. I'd like to have a little more support. I checked the midwife and doula tags but I didn't see anything exactly relating. Mods please delete is this is a repeat.
So moms (and dads), what exactly am I looking for??

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