Kimma-Cookie (kimma_cookie) wrote in pregnancy101,

Please Help...

I don't know if I am pregnant... I haven't taken a test yet because I am scared to... I'm scared of the results, and even if it is negative what if it's too early and can't catch the signs...?

I'm freaking out because I'm very late for my period and my boyfriend and I sometimes have unprotected sex(though he never finishes in me). I have been told that there is such a thing as "precum" and that it is more fertile that his actual semen.. We are both very scared... Please... I just.... Need help... I don't know what to do... I can't even sleep... I'm always on the verge of tears... Please...

I may not be able to get on here much as I am currently in a bad situation at home... my e-mail address is:
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